Through my years of suffering through eczema, I’ve found subtle natural things that can help alleviate symptoms and clear my system to allow my skin to operate more functionally.

But don’t be mistaken! This blog although targets people who want to improve eczema, can be applied by anyone. Detoxes are always a good way for us to be proactive with our health so we don’t have to be reactive later. 🙂

When choosing the more natural route, you have to remember that it’ll require more patience than Western medicine which only finds ways to alleviate symptoms and when it fails to do so, Western medicine’s approach is to increase concentration and potency in order to relieve the symptoms until your body adapts and the concentration no longer has an effect on you as before.

The more natural approach is to figure out internally what it is that you can do to help assist the many other interlinked organs in your body to function more efficiently. Western medicine often treats a body part as though they are one, without implication or effect to another. That is until your medication for your skin causes other ailments to other organs… Even then your other organs and their symptoms are treated as a singular focus.

Until Western medicine can adapt and really see the body as one whole dependent unit, we’ll have to continue to find ways to help alleviate eczema symptoms ourselves. One day, when a doctor looks at my hands, perhaps it won’t just be the rash they’re particularly concerned about treating.

Here are some tips and tricks I’ve added to my arsenal of natural ‘softer’ eczema fighting techniques.

Disclaimer: a lot of this have to do with detoxing the liver since the liver dictates toxin regulation in your body and a bad liver often always is correlated with poor skin.

When doing any detox, even if its your liver you’re aiming at detoxing, your body may have a negative reaction due to the high level of toxicity being un-lodged in your body. During your time of detox, its important to work slowly up to your full detox. If there are parasites, you don’t want a sudden hard hit to your body wellness with a parasite die off (this has happened to me).

What you want to do is to start incorporating more liquids (water) throughout the day and some increased fiber intake.

This is also where activated charcoal pills can help support your cleanse. Activated charcoal is known to bind to toxicity present in your body and be defecated. This is why sometimes kids are given activated charcoal after ingesting some type of poison or in an accidental overdose. For those who have weaker stomachs and often get a bit of tummy ache during traveling, this is something you wanna carry with you at all times! It’s saved many vacations and trips for me for many years now.


Other tips:

Overall products I suggest loading up for your detox and to help with your skin:

As much as detoxes can help us, I know that life can sometimes get ahead of us and before we know it, a full blown episode of eczema creeps up on us and explodes all over our body. When this happens, its really easy to give your doctor a call to get some of the steroid relief you’re used to, but I highly suggest trying this instead.

What this is is a natural cream (from China and usually shipped from China) that uses different herbs and natural plant derivatives to work magic on the itch. I’ve had eczema for over 20 years now and have tried numerous products, but this cheaper 3 dollar tube is safer, and more effective than anything else I’ve tried. I apply this liberally, slather on some Vaseline and then stick my hands in some disposable non latex and non powdered gloves. In the morning, I can witness the healing magic, and it feels great.

If your body feels up for it, do some light exercise and sweating during this time. There are also many yoga stretches and poses to help activate your digestive system, be restorative to your organs, and help your liver detox. I like to do them at the end of the day just to keep my joints in check. Here’s a good website: Yoga Poses!

Our cars are used less than our bodies, but require maintenance. Our bodies also deserve some proactive natural maintenance to boost its many different systems.

Happy healing!

July 15, 2018

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