I took my God daughter out last week with my little sister and the hubs. We went to a breakfast joint and while everyone was getting pancakes and waffle shenanigans all around us, we ordered 4 chicken fried steaks. Best decision that day I would say. I love fried chicken, and I love steak. So chicken fried steak is just mathematical sense to my engineering heart!

I prefer my chicken fried steak to be well seasoned with a super crunch and paired with a nice and hearty peppered white gravy. Since most American joints have people salt at the table, I find that although incredibly delicious to order out, it’s still better made at home.

Here’s how I make my CFS!

  1. Find some nice cubed steak. It’s pretty much a beef eye round cut that’s been tenderized to look like ground beef, but it’s actually all still intact in one piece.
  2. Season your meat! Salt, cayenne, black pepper, garlic.
  3. Create a 3 to 1 ratio flour mixture of all purpose flour and corn starch. Lightly season your flour mixture. We like it spicy so I add lots of cayenne pepper.
  4. Lightly flour your cubed steak and submerge them in some buttermilk. Again, spicy family = extra Tabasco kick in with the buttermilk.
  5. After however longĀ  you want to wait, shake off your excess buttermilk from your cubed steaks and flour them again generously with your flour mixture
  6. In a large pan, fry your chicken fried steaks in some really hot oil

For the Gravy!

  1. Create a roux (cold water and flour or melted butter with flour)
  2. Put some whole milk in a pot, bring to boil
  3. Add your roux
  4. Add black pepper and salt to taste

November 10, 2017

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