I love Poke bowls, but I’ve come to find that not all Poke joints are equal. Because of the constant disappointment when I get it at stores with the watered out man handled tuna and poor ingredients, its always a safe bet to just make this at home. Tastes great, great for the pocket, and you can rest assured you’ve taken the right measures to ensure you and your fam are eating the best ingredients.

What you’ll need:

  1. Dice your tuna into nice bite size pieces. You want a sharp knife that’ll go right through the fish to preserve the integrity of the fresh fish.
  2. Add  your chopped onion and seaweed
  3. Toss with sesame oil, Hawaiian sea salt, and cayenne pepper

This is literally it! You can place some spring mix or rice as your bedding, top with your poke and whatever other options you have available. Fresh tuna is something you don’t want to overpower with too many ingredients. The fish does speak for itself so good  quality ingredients are all you need to worry about in supplementing this delicious treat.


November 10, 2017

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