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Things to eat in Westminster California (Little Saigon)

Binh Dan- traditional down and dirty beer foods that are not traditional cuts or choices in America.
Suggestions to order:

Ngu Binh- Hue Cuisine
Suggestions to order:

Huong Giang- Hue Cuisine
Suggestions to order:

Oc Gia Huy- Ordering to bring home
Suggestions to order:

Pho 79 – Pho. Don’t come to a pho restaurant and order rice. Get PHO!

Oc & Lau- Snails, shellfish, and traditional hotpots.
Suggestions to order:

Van’s – Get the Banh Xeo. Don’t think twice. Get the Banh Xeo.

Long An – Nuoc Mia (sugarcane drink) & Chung Vit Lon

Com Tam Thuan Kieu – Any Com Tam rice combos with grilled pork or kalbi, bi (shredded pork skin), chung (egg), and the sausages! I would suggest getting the largest option — most items dish and share between 2-3 people for the full experience.

Brodards – Nem Nuong Cuon (pork sausage spring rolls..their sauce is what makes it special).

Ha Noi Corner – Banh Cuon Thit Nuong Cha Ha Noi 🙂

Phuoc Loc Tho – Oc Dua (snails in coconut cream with lemongrass and garlic). Super fun and tasty here. I would recommend only hitting this up during the weekend or around the weekend (Monday or Friday) to ensure that you get these suckers fresh 🙂


Afters- Warm donuts filled with yummy ice cream! I recommend lavender ice cream with Kellogs cereal as a topping to balance out the sweetness of the donut.

Burntzilla- Awesome place for sliders by the beach! Own by former HTs 🙂

BubbleTea- Anywhere…bubble tea is just good in general in California since it seems like everyone goes and gets BBTEA!

The Loop- Amazing churro with yummy soft serve!


March 2, 2017

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